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Thank you for inquiring about DFW Metro Motorcade Safety.  Based in Dallas, Texas, DFW Metro Motorcade Safety, formerly a private motorcycle escort service known as Eveready Escort Service, was founded in 1987 by T. Tanksley, a 17 year old high school graduate.

Since its transition from Eveready Escort Service to DFW Metro Motorcade Safety, Mr.
Tanksley has grown his operation from a one man operation to a forty unit police
style motorcycle traffic division, six vehicle patrol/alarm response division, Commissioned Security Officers and Security Sales Personnel.
Our profession is traffic safety, to include funeral processions, celebrity escorts
and security, which entails providing funeral escort service(s) in a safe and professional
manner by safe guarding you and your families in and during your funeral processions by
displaying command presence, controlling and blocking traffic at each and every

Our job also entails riding our police-style traffic motorcycles with confidence
and an authority posture like the professionals that we are, displaying that command
presence letting the general public know that your funeral processions are coming through
and commands the respect that a funeral procession now today deserves, adding clear
visibility and warning with alternating flashing and strobe lights to oncoming motor
vehicles as well as unaware pedestrians, bringing every channel of traffic to a safe stop
without incident to your funeral processions or others not involved in your processions
and when it comes to security our job entails courtesy, protection, service and dignity.
By allowing our company the opportunity to serve you, your funeral home, your
residential/apartment communities and/or respond to your residential/apartment alarms, we guarantee you a peace of mind that you are safe guarded by professional motorcycle escorts and security officers who love their jobs and do it well.  As a DFW Metro Motorcade Safety Officer, we proudly offer our clients a measure of security in knowing that our clients have less to worry about.


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